Working hard not hardly working

Have you noticed that there has been another time lapse between blog posts?  What have you been doing you ask?  Well, I have been busy acquainting myself with my new baby.  Isn’t she beautiful!! 

I also finished an anniversary quilt  for my cousin and her husband who celebrated their first wedding anniversary this past weekend.  I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing a picture.  

The last thing I have been diligently working on is this cutie patootie toddler quilt. 

I have been a quilting fool it would seem lately and hubby says it is time to do something about my little “addiction” of fabric shopping and quilting.  In light of that I have taken a little piece of to sell my wares.  You can see them here at PeaPod Squad  I will be adding more as time goes on so keep checking to see if there is something that strikes your fancy.

Here’s what we are eating this week, how about you?

Monday: Honey mustard chicken with bacon and cheese, mashed spuds steamed greenbeans and frosted brownies

Tuesday: Sausage, fried spuds, beans and a salad with pudding cups for dessert

Wednesday: Spaghetti, fettuccine alfredo, garlic bread with some ice cream

Thursday: Burgers, tater-tots, baked beans and a smores cake for dessert

Friday: by now I’m going to be tired and not feeling the love to cook so my sweet hubby will meet me at Fajita Willies for margaritas and dinner.

Weekends as always they cook or it’s completely MIY, I love having kids that can cook.  B cooks at least half of the meals throughout the week because he enjoys cooking so much.

I hope you enjoy your week as much as I am looking forward to mine!!

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Summer is here

I am still dwelling on how fast time is going by.  Gracie is starting her 6th grade classes this summer, Meghyn the 9th, Dylan is a senior and Brandon has 2 credits and he is college bound and I am hoping to finish those up over the summer.   I always get nostalgic around this time every year as I plan out the start of our school year.  We start in the summer so we can take off November and December and part of January.  I’m just too busy with the holidays to focus on school and let’s just face it’s just too dang hot in Houston during the summer to do much of anything else. 

I do have the summer pretty much planned out will add some field trips here and there but all the book work is planned and book lists made.  Now let’s just see if we can stick to the plan, I wish you could hear me laughing.  I am sure some adjustments will have to be made but overall I think it will have a nice flow to it and the kids are happy looking ahead to the summer schedule.  I am so fortunate that I can home school my children sometimes it can be a bit much but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 


What’s for dinner?

Tuesday: Spaghetti and Alfredo with fried zucchini chips and brownies for dessert.

Wednesday: Burritos/Nachos with tres leche cake for dessert.

Thursday:  Chicken casserole with salad and bread followed by a pudding pie.

Friday:  Hamburgers, tater-tots, baked beans with angel food cake covered in fresh berries for dessert.

Saturday and Sunday someone is cooking for me or I’m hitting the drive-thru.


Have a great week.   I know I will be buried deep in fabric and school but I wouldn’t change a thing.

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No WIP as it’s Top Secret

No work in progress today as it’s a secret till after it has been sent to its new home. Today I will just post a few pictures of my furbabies.  The cat is Grimmy, and the dogs from left to right: Bridgette, Spud, JuJu, Chip, Muffin and Tater-Tot.  Enjoy your day.

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Monday, Monday, Monday

It’s Monday again and we are not going to talk about why I haven’t posted in so long, I will just blame it on pure laziness. Last week was a flurry of activity with the kid’s final rehearsals for Godspell Jr. and my mom flew in on Thursday so that she could be here for their Premier. They did fantastic!!! They are so sad to say good-bye to their friends but know that they will be able to see them over the summer as well as in the fall when classes start up again.
I was sad to see my mom head back to Florida but I know she is much happier there than here, too hot and not enough rain here for her. It was great fun to share all my WIP’s with her and we got to spend time together just chatting; which we did a lot of. SuperDad and B spent the weekend riding the 4-wheeler around the neighborhood and at a close by state park. The other 3 spent their entire weekend performing Godspell Jr., Saturday was a longest day with 2 performances.
This week I want to get lots of quilting and sewing done and I still have lesson plans to finish up for June. B has just a few more classes and he will officially be done with high school and ready to move on to college. Where did all that time go and what the hell was I doing that I feel like I missed it. I don’t feel old enough to have an 18 year old and well I don’t look old enough to have an 18 year old. I am so glad my kids are growing into young adults that any mom would be proud of but I so miss those wee little faces from their toddler years.

What are you eating this week? Here is what I’m making

Monday: Grilled Chicken with potato salad and beans with ice cream for dessert
Tuesday: Burgers with left-over potato salad and brownies for dessert
Wednesday: Pot roast, mashed potatoes and gravy with corn casserole followed by some cupcakes for dessert
Thursday: Steak, baked potato and salad with angel food cake with fresh berries
Friday: Grilled sausage, homemade fries and beans with chocolate pie for dessert (this will be first attempt at chocolate pie keep fingers crossed)

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Long Time, No See

 Okay so it has been 2 weeks since my last post, I’m sorry.  The first week I will blame totally on Comcast, there faulty internet and 4 days of wait to get someone out to fix a teeny tiny splitter.  The second week was focused on getting everyone back on track after a week without internet.  The amount of email I had was crazy it took one whole morning just to whittle thru it. 

I did manage to get some sewing done but not a lot. Really just been cleaning out garbage from the house and airing it out while it’s only in the mid 70’s here in Houston.   Really it has been a boring 2 weeks maybe that is why I haven’t blogged, nothing really to say. 

No menu this week either –I’m tellin ya, lazy is my word for the past week. 

Tomorrow will be full and productive.

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WIP Wednesday

Here is its WIP Wednesday again and what is great is I have something fun to share.  I shared on Monday that I had started a project with Meghyn that was inspired from Miss Shabby’s blog.  Meghyn is a great artist so I asked her to draw me a character that we could use each month to celebrate a year’s worth of holidays.   I will still be joining in the BOM Birdie stitches but Meghyn is growing up so fast I wanted to have something special from her teen years that we did together.   Meghyn has all ready finished February’s drawing so that we can catch up after all this is April, almost May.  When all is said and done I will have 2 wonderful quilts and 1 of them will be something treasured forever. Thank you so much Miss Shabby for this inspiration.

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no internet=more productivity

Wow, with no internet yesterday I was really productive.  I got my whole week of school planned and copies made, the menu is done, and most of my laundry is put up.  Remember the other day I told you I needed a small project to keep my hands busy while I waited for kids.  I found inspiration at Little Miss Shabby and her BOM Birdie Stitches, how cute is that.  Meghyn was looking over my shoulder when I was looking at Miss Shabby’s blog when she asked if I would embroider her animae drawings and after a short talk we came up with our first project together.  I will post more on this later in the week when I have a few pictures to include. 

I know I am not the only one who is saying “WTH is going on with the gas?” We are at $3.87 here in Houston and it keeps going up. It is hard to complain when hubby’s income depends on the oil industry but dang.  Our van driving has been restricted to only going out on Tuesday and Thursday’s.  Those days were chosen because we have outside activities on those days so I get whatever I can get done then.   Hubby drive a Honda Fit so him getting to and from work is not that bad but he is getting more of the $100 weekly gas budget and leaving less for my gas guzzling van.   I am grateful that my boys are old enough to be asked to go to the store up the road on their bikes to get our daily milk, bread, butter supplies. I might have to break down and get basket for my bike so that when I go it is not cumbersome to carry the groceries back. 

School this week should flow nicely as I have it actually all planned and all the copies made, even something for my littles to do.   Everyone is doing something with cells in science this week; I only hope our old microscope is up to the task, I really don’t want to have to get a new one. My girls are breaking into World History with Trail Guide World Geography, and because of an animae called Hetalia they are both super excited.  They all ready know most of the county flags from Europe.  It would please my brother and sister in-law to know they are even learning some Croatian for the same reason.   A language art as always is tied back to what they are doing in their other subjects and math is just drudgery for all.

That leaves us with the weekly menu.

Monday:  Ravioli, salad, garlic bread and cupcakes for dessert

Tuesday: Grilled pork tenderloin, grilled polenta with mixed veggies and pudding pie for dessert

Wednesday: Beef kabobs, fried spuds with a bag of veggies and berries over angel food cake for dessert

Thursday: Steaks, baked spuds, salad and brownies for dessert

Friday:  French toast or pancakes with hash browns and eggs—no dessert on breakfast night

Most weekends I do not cook, I make kids or hubby do it.  However, this Sunday is Easter so that means I will be in kitchen.  We don’t have any family here so there is no huge feast to deal with.  On holidays I make our favorite appetizers for all day munching.  There of course will be plenty of deviled eggs, but a smorgasbord of other things as well. 

So that is it for my productive weekend. Wanted to share a picture of my kitty Grim who is just getting absolutely huge, would you believe he barely weighed a pound when I got him from the ASPCA.  I wish you all a good week!!   Sew lots, learn more, and hug your littles no matter how big they are!!

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