Where or where did last week go

Where in the heck did last week go?  Oh, wait I know, I slept for most of it, or it certainly seemed that way.  Monday was a field trip to the Wildlife Ranch and the Natural Bridge Caverns in San Antonio.  The kids had a fantastic time but the drive is three hours each plus any walking while we were there.    The Wildlife Ranch is a zoo that you drive your car through and the animal will come up to your car so you can get amazingly close, too close if you ask me. 

Tuesday was my MRI.  I was dreading it.  I had one a little over a year ago and the thought of having another done was too much to wrap my head around.  Thankfully my doctor gave me a little something to make it tolerable, Ataivan.  I found 2 wee little pills bottle; they were 2 of the smallest pills I had ever seen, but oh my goodness did these little suckers pack a punch.  After the test I was still tired so took a nap when I got home and really didn’t wake up till Wednesday when the alarm went off. 

Wednesday I had my littles for the day and I am not ashamed to admit they wear me out but I was still a bit tired I think from those 2 little pills. Thursday was my baby’s 12th birthday, my oldest started his first job and the younger 3 had drama rehearsal; so there was plenty that needed my attention even though I was worried about what to do all day.  Friday was my day to catch up on all the neglected house work and the weekend was left for yard work, and lesson plans for the week.  That brings us to today Menu Monday and believe it or not I am totally prepared.  I spent a few hours last night at Foodnetwork.com and thanks to them have the week planned and shopped for.

Monday:  Pan seared Tilapia with a mango curry sauce, potato pancakes with a salad for dessert something new blueberry dumplings—thank you Paula Deen!

Tuesday: Cheese tortellini, Fettuccine Alfredo, bread and salad with some kind of cupcake for dessert.

Wednesday: Bacon wrapped scallops on the grill with fried rice and fresh green bean for dessert brownies.

Thursday:  Hamburgers, fries and beans with bread pudding for dessert

Friday: Mac and cheese with fruit and rice pudding (maybe) this will be a first so if it doesn’t work then brownies, lol.

No cooking on the weekends for me I let the others do the cooking and the planning, the kids are old enough and really I think it is a valuable skill for my kids to learn how to plan and cook a few meals.

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