Friday, WooT WooT

TGIF.  That pretty much sums up the week. This is not a fun week for those of us stragglers that put off doing our taxes till the last minute.   Usually we don’t wait, usually it is done right away, but this year for some reason it was put off till yesterday.  

Moving on to better things as no one likes to talk about taxes, I finished the blanket I was knitting.  It has many spots of drops, and not all my rows are even but I made it and it makes me smile to look at it.  The colors are not really anything I would have normally picked but when I started I didn’t put much thought into how much yarn it would take to make a blanket nor the lack of colors I could find in the particular brand of yarn I started with.  In the end none of that matters to me because I made it and I enjoy looking at it.  Now I am left with nothing for my hands to do and ask any former smoker this is not good.  I need something small I can do while I wait in the car for kids and nothing that will make me hot, it is fixin to be summer in Texas. 

The kids have had a decent week in school.  For science the boys are working through the 4 stages if mitosis and the girls are learning the difference/structure of plant and animal cells.  We got our slides yesterday from Home Training Tools and they are fantastic.  I love this company for ordering for our science needs and their shipping is phenomenally fast; I ordered set on Monday of this week. 

History is moving along slowly I just cannot seem to get the kids into American History and I don’t understand why. We watch movies, read books and go to some of the close by historical sites, but nothing seems to get them excited about it. 

Language Arts for the boys is also dragging but we are muddling through it.  Neither one likes the movies we have for our Movies as Literature class so I am trying to pick some new movies and make my own review questions but l pretty much suck at that so it has turned into watching the movies and  write a movie review.  The girls are almost done with their grammar books for this year and Meghyn is making decent progress on her story.  

Math is crusty every day and everyday is a struggle to get done but we are persevering. Maybe the weeks and subjects are dragging because the weather is fantastic outside.

This weekend we will tackle painting and flooring the girl’s room, I never realized how much stuff they had stuffed into their room.  My downstairs is crowded with stuff, stuff and more stuff and I am not sure how it even fit into their room.  I will share pictures on Monday if all goes well.  Enjoy your weekend.

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Where or where did last week go

Where in the heck did last week go?  Oh, wait I know, I slept for most of it, or it certainly seemed that way.  Monday was a field trip to the Wildlife Ranch and the Natural Bridge Caverns in San Antonio.  The kids had a fantastic time but the drive is three hours each plus any walking while we were there.    The Wildlife Ranch is a zoo that you drive your car through and the animal will come up to your car so you can get amazingly close, too close if you ask me. 

Tuesday was my MRI.  I was dreading it.  I had one a little over a year ago and the thought of having another done was too much to wrap my head around.  Thankfully my doctor gave me a little something to make it tolerable, Ataivan.  I found 2 wee little pills bottle; they were 2 of the smallest pills I had ever seen, but oh my goodness did these little suckers pack a punch.  After the test I was still tired so took a nap when I got home and really didn’t wake up till Wednesday when the alarm went off. 

Wednesday I had my littles for the day and I am not ashamed to admit they wear me out but I was still a bit tired I think from those 2 little pills. Thursday was my baby’s 12th birthday, my oldest started his first job and the younger 3 had drama rehearsal; so there was plenty that needed my attention even though I was worried about what to do all day.  Friday was my day to catch up on all the neglected house work and the weekend was left for yard work, and lesson plans for the week.  That brings us to today Menu Monday and believe it or not I am totally prepared.  I spent a few hours last night at and thanks to them have the week planned and shopped for.

Monday:  Pan seared Tilapia with a mango curry sauce, potato pancakes with a salad for dessert something new blueberry dumplings—thank you Paula Deen!

Tuesday: Cheese tortellini, Fettuccine Alfredo, bread and salad with some kind of cupcake for dessert.

Wednesday: Bacon wrapped scallops on the grill with fried rice and fresh green bean for dessert brownies.

Thursday:  Hamburgers, fries and beans with bread pudding for dessert

Friday: Mac and cheese with fruit and rice pudding (maybe) this will be a first so if it doesn’t work then brownies, lol.

No cooking on the weekends for me I let the others do the cooking and the planning, the kids are old enough and really I think it is a valuable skill for my kids to learn how to plan and cook a few meals.

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There is no WIP to report this week, not a lot of work getting done; just a bunch of sickies.    Yesterday I finally broke down and went to the doctor for some antibiotics and something for this awful headache I have been fighting for way too long.  Well it turns out I am allergic to codeine which was in the pain medicine.   Yes, I should have gone to the ER, but I HATE hospitals and not very fond of doctors I am not sure if there is a worse patient than I am, anyone who has seen me in hospital understands what I am saying.   I am currently waiting for the dr. office to call me back but I am sure there will be another office visit now to make sure no permanent damage was done. 

Kids are being very helpful, Brandon has a pot roast started so dinner will still go on and wont’ involve a drive-thru.  Will keep family updated as I find out news thanks for the warm thoughts and prayers.

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Painted House

Over the weekend Chris and Brandon decided that our house needed a fresh coat of paint.  I cannot believe the difference a coat of paint makes.   Even the brown looks nice you can tell from the picture that is half way done; it really had been put off far too long.  I think the spring DIY bug has bit my hubby and I see more projects to be checked off that “honey-do list”.    I really do love the improvement just paint made and wish we had done it sooner. I cannot believe he and Brandon got this all done in one day.  Did I tell you how much I liked it? 

I am sorry to say there is no real menu for this week.  I was not feeling well most of the weekend, barely got lesson plans done for all the kids and the wee ones for the week. Chris also starts teaching again this week so dinners will be quick and easy and maybe even from a box.

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Its Friday, Its Friday

Its Friday do you know what that means? It means it’s time for a weekly wrap up.  Not much to tell you this week, it was a pretty boring week. 

The boys are working through algebra Brandon finds it’s easy, Dylan not so much but he preservers like a trooper. We are using Teaching Textbooks, which is great but Dylan still needs more so he and dad will be doing some math practice on the weekends.  Brandon started his class in Solidworks, his first college class.  Both boys are still job hunting but as long as they keep trying something will come.  Meghyn and Dylan have decided to take up French through our home school group, they are very excited to start I just hope the enthusiasm lasts.  Grace is suddenly playing Pearl Jam with her guitar, she practices while I sew; we make quite a pair in the afternoons.   We got dates yesterday for their performance of Godspell, it will be at the end of May and we are all very excited.  My littles came back to me this week we will be spending Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday s together.  Turtle has gotten to be such a little man and Monkey is just as full of energy as any 2 year-old can be.  I really enjoy all the time I get to spend with them but happy when the quiet returns to the house, lol.

Well, I am off to start enjoying my weekend with some yard work so I don’t have to do that and help paint the house,  which is what dad and Brandon are going to be doing.  I don’t want to watch them on the ladder, all I see is an impending fall and trip to E.R—no thanks.

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Design Wall

Here it is Wednesday again which means it is time to let you know what I have been up to in my sewing room this week.   Thanks to a good friend of mine I finally got my design wall up and I am so happy with it.  My sweet hubby will not be happy with the huge nail holes I put in the wall but he will get over that, not like we are moving any time in the near future.  When looking at the picture, focus on the design wall not the disarray of my sewing room.   Isn’t it fantastic!?  I love it.  Thank you Awesome One for your help.

The block is not completely done either but it is as far as it is going to get today and I wanted to share a picture of it.  I have 32 blocks like this then 32 more I haven’t even started yet.  It will be done in different shades of purple batik’s.  I am hoping to have the top done sometime next week but I think that might be a wee bit ambitious because I have some potholders I want to take a shot at making.   I think I have quilt ADHD, I cannot focus on just ONE quilt, I really have 3 going at the moment and one in my head that will be next on my list.  I have one to quilt, and two tops in the works and the fabric for my 4th sitting off to the side wondering when I will start to play with it.

I am glad the week is half over but I have enjoyed every minute of it that has passed hope you have too.

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Happy Monday

I know only one post last week but I do have a valid excuse, I haven’t been sleeping very well at all. Seems 2 AM is the new 7AM. Seriously, I cannot seem to sleep past 2AM then I am wide awake till about 6AM then I start getting tired but the day is beginning so no sleep now till bedtime which ends up being about 7PM only to start all over again at 2AM, ugh.
On to better things, I am watching my littles again, which means I get to do some pre-school stuff; always a bonus for me. We are starting with a two lapbooks, one on spring and the other is the letter A. Turtle loved his coloring this morning and monkey just walked around getting into just about everything but settling on tearing out my fabric stash. We went on a nature walk and found an empty egg shell and a cool rock. My kids spent their morning sorting out math and finding their groove after spring break so that they get the rest of their work done before the day is all gone. Maybe having littles around will fix the problem I am having with sleep as they tend to wear a girl out.
I did manage to get a menu somewhat sorted out for the week and while I put down days nothing is set in stone and can be arranged as needed.

Monday: Lasagna, salad, and some garlic bread with some cupcakes for dessert
Tuesday: Grilled sausage, fried spuds, baked beans with brownies for dessert
Wednesday: Beef tips, mashed cheesy spuds, veggie, and ice cream for dessert
Thursday: Steaks, baked spud, mini corn cobs, with a pudding pie for dessert
Friday: fried fish, potato pancakes, veggie with bread pudding for dessert
Saturday and Sunday is a MIY and an eat out night

Lunches are mac and cheese, hot dogs, assorted sandwiches with chips and a lunch cake or some cookies whichever I have lying around. This week mostly cookies because that is what I am craving; double chocolate chip sounds mighty tasty. I will get busy with my camera and start taking pictures again.
Enjoy the week.

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