Friday, WooT WooT

TGIF.  That pretty much sums up the week. This is not a fun week for those of us stragglers that put off doing our taxes till the last minute.   Usually we don’t wait, usually it is done right away, but this year for some reason it was put off till yesterday.  

Moving on to better things as no one likes to talk about taxes, I finished the blanket I was knitting.  It has many spots of drops, and not all my rows are even but I made it and it makes me smile to look at it.  The colors are not really anything I would have normally picked but when I started I didn’t put much thought into how much yarn it would take to make a blanket nor the lack of colors I could find in the particular brand of yarn I started with.  In the end none of that matters to me because I made it and I enjoy looking at it.  Now I am left with nothing for my hands to do and ask any former smoker this is not good.  I need something small I can do while I wait in the car for kids and nothing that will make me hot, it is fixin to be summer in Texas. 

The kids have had a decent week in school.  For science the boys are working through the 4 stages if mitosis and the girls are learning the difference/structure of plant and animal cells.  We got our slides yesterday from Home Training Tools and they are fantastic.  I love this company for ordering for our science needs and their shipping is phenomenally fast; I ordered set on Monday of this week. 

History is moving along slowly I just cannot seem to get the kids into American History and I don’t understand why. We watch movies, read books and go to some of the close by historical sites, but nothing seems to get them excited about it. 

Language Arts for the boys is also dragging but we are muddling through it.  Neither one likes the movies we have for our Movies as Literature class so I am trying to pick some new movies and make my own review questions but l pretty much suck at that so it has turned into watching the movies and  write a movie review.  The girls are almost done with their grammar books for this year and Meghyn is making decent progress on her story.  

Math is crusty every day and everyday is a struggle to get done but we are persevering. Maybe the weeks and subjects are dragging because the weather is fantastic outside.

This weekend we will tackle painting and flooring the girl’s room, I never realized how much stuff they had stuffed into their room.  My downstairs is crowded with stuff, stuff and more stuff and I am not sure how it even fit into their room.  I will share pictures on Monday if all goes well.  Enjoy your weekend.

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