Working hard not hardly working

Have you noticed that there has been another time lapse between blog posts?  What have you been doing you ask?  Well, I have been busy acquainting myself with my new baby.  Isn’t she beautiful!! 

I also finished an anniversary quilt  for my cousin and her husband who celebrated their first wedding anniversary this past weekend.  I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing a picture.  

The last thing I have been diligently working on is this cutie patootie toddler quilt. 

I have been a quilting fool it would seem lately and hubby says it is time to do something about my little “addiction” of fabric shopping and quilting.  In light of that I have taken a little piece of to sell my wares.  You can see them here at PeaPod Squad  I will be adding more as time goes on so keep checking to see if there is something that strikes your fancy.

Here’s what we are eating this week, how about you?

Monday: Honey mustard chicken with bacon and cheese, mashed spuds steamed greenbeans and frosted brownies

Tuesday: Sausage, fried spuds, beans and a salad with pudding cups for dessert

Wednesday: Spaghetti, fettuccine alfredo, garlic bread with some ice cream

Thursday: Burgers, tater-tots, baked beans and a smores cake for dessert

Friday: by now I’m going to be tired and not feeling the love to cook so my sweet hubby will meet me at Fajita Willies for margaritas and dinner.

Weekends as always they cook or it’s completely MIY, I love having kids that can cook.  B cooks at least half of the meals throughout the week because he enjoys cooking so much.

I hope you enjoy your week as much as I am looking forward to mine!!

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