Its Friday, Its Friday

Its Friday do you know what that means? It means it’s time for a weekly wrap up.  Not much to tell you this week, it was a pretty boring week. 

The boys are working through algebra Brandon finds it’s easy, Dylan not so much but he preservers like a trooper. We are using Teaching Textbooks, which is great but Dylan still needs more so he and dad will be doing some math practice on the weekends.  Brandon started his class in Solidworks, his first college class.  Both boys are still job hunting but as long as they keep trying something will come.  Meghyn and Dylan have decided to take up French through our home school group, they are very excited to start I just hope the enthusiasm lasts.  Grace is suddenly playing Pearl Jam with her guitar, she practices while I sew; we make quite a pair in the afternoons.   We got dates yesterday for their performance of Godspell, it will be at the end of May and we are all very excited.  My littles came back to me this week we will be spending Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday s together.  Turtle has gotten to be such a little man and Monkey is just as full of energy as any 2 year-old can be.  I really enjoy all the time I get to spend with them but happy when the quiet returns to the house, lol.

Well, I am off to start enjoying my weekend with some yard work so I don’t have to do that and help paint the house,  which is what dad and Brandon are going to be doing.  I don’t want to watch them on the ladder, all I see is an impending fall and trip to E.R—no thanks.

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