Happy Monday

I know only one post last week but I do have a valid excuse, I haven’t been sleeping very well at all. Seems 2 AM is the new 7AM. Seriously, I cannot seem to sleep past 2AM then I am wide awake till about 6AM then I start getting tired but the day is beginning so no sleep now till bedtime which ends up being about 7PM only to start all over again at 2AM, ugh.
On to better things, I am watching my littles again, which means I get to do some pre-school stuff; always a bonus for me. We are starting with a two lapbooks, one on spring and the other is the letter A. Turtle loved his coloring this morning and monkey just walked around getting into just about everything but settling on tearing out my fabric stash. We went on a nature walk and found an empty egg shell and a cool rock. My kids spent their morning sorting out math and finding their groove after spring break so that they get the rest of their work done before the day is all gone. Maybe having littles around will fix the problem I am having with sleep as they tend to wear a girl out.
I did manage to get a menu somewhat sorted out for the week and while I put down days nothing is set in stone and can be arranged as needed.

Monday: Lasagna, salad, and some garlic bread with some cupcakes for dessert
Tuesday: Grilled sausage, fried spuds, baked beans with brownies for dessert
Wednesday: Beef tips, mashed cheesy spuds, veggie, and ice cream for dessert
Thursday: Steaks, baked spud, mini corn cobs, with a pudding pie for dessert
Friday: fried fish, potato pancakes, veggie with bread pudding for dessert
Saturday and Sunday is a MIY and an eat out night

Lunches are mac and cheese, hot dogs, assorted sandwiches with chips and a lunch cake or some cookies whichever I have lying around. This week mostly cookies because that is what I am craving; double chocolate chip sounds mighty tasty. I will get busy with my camera and start taking pictures again.
Enjoy the week.

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