I need to get back into the habit of making a menu and then sticking to it.  I have been just going to the store and seeing what looks good, the problem with this is going to the store almost every single day.  There are many problems with this type of menu planning first being its expensive all ways you look at it.  Gas is going up, up, up so it is really not very responsible of me to go to the store every day, and I have had plenty of spur of the moment purchases that end up in the trash because the item gets icky before I can use it, talk about waste.   I present to you the menu of the week; as usual I do not plan breakfast or lunch only dinner and desserts. 

Monday: Grilled chicken, fried potatoes, frozen veggie with brownies for dessert

Tuesday:  BLT sandwiches, sweet potato fries with strawberry shortcake for dessert

Wednesday: Burritos with tres leche cake for dessert

Thursday: Hamburgers, fries, baked beans with peanut butter pie dessert

Friday:  French toast or pancakes, eggs and hashbrowns, no dessert on a breakfast night.

Saturday:  Pizza from Mr. Jim’s our new favorite pizza place.

Sunday:  MIY or make it yourself because mom isn’t cooking night.  I will probably make some brownies to satisfy my constant urge for chocolate.

The week here looks pretty good, have a few quilting things I want to get done, school with the kids of course and later in the week working on the garden; spring is here.

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