Confession Time

I have a confession to make—I like, no love, the Twilight series.  I stayed away from them thinking they are books for teens or younger people at the very least; I am too old for vampires.    I was wrong.   I am sickly addicted to the movies and have as of last night finished all the books.   With reading becoming difficult for me I asked my dear, sweet hubby to get me the audio versions so that I could listen on my IPod.  This was a bit different but after I adjusted I realized I liked reading this way, or should I say listening.   I found that as I listened to the book my hands free to knit, quilt, or cook.   I enjoy being able to do two things at once.  I think the hardest adjustment was the voice, it’s not what the voice in my head sounded like for the characters.  Does that make any sense? Probably not but it was weird at first to hear voices that weren’t the same as the imaginary voices I had created for the characters in my head.  Once I got over that everything was great and I cannot wait to listen to my next book or set of books though I am not sure what they will be, I’m really not what you would call an avid reader. I more read what some would call mind candy, nothing too deep or serious.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend, I know mine will be spent outside in the yard working on it to make it summer ready, and there is lots to do; trust me.

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