WIP Wednesday

LOL, a month and  bit more since the last time I gave my blog some love.  Well, what can I say life got busy, kids got sick, hubby got sick, in-laws came and left but things are settling back down and I feel like I have time to post again. I have been doing my fair share of quilting and fabric stashing; kids are back at school work full force now that everyone is healthy again.   That is one of the things about having a semi-large family, when one gets sick we all get sick and then we are down for about a month as it runs its course through each and every one of us.

It’s WIP Wednesday, or Work In Progress Wednesday.  What are working on or what have you finished recently?  Enquiring minds want to know.  I just finished a quilt top  up and need to get it put together so that I can see what it looks like all done and on my bed.  I have a pulled shoulder muscle so that is slowing my progress down tremendously, so much so I might even break down and go to the doctor to see what the problem is.    I also got a top done for our local Quilt for Kids group need to get that one put together too, can you see the trend here? 

And just to share a little bit of doggy love here is a picture of 2 of my babie, Chip and Tater, can you tell Tater enjoys his food ALOT.

Enjoy you Wednesday!!

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