Happy Monday

Here it is Monday again.  I am excited about this week I have lots of projects I want to get started and some others that need finishing.  What projects you ask?  Well, over the weekend I went to a local meeting of Quilts for Kids at Quiltworks and I made my first Quilt for Kids quilt.  I had a fantastic time meeting some new friends and getting some great tips.   I even brought an extra kit home with me so I could make another; I am looking forward to our next meeting.  There are other miscellaneous WIP’s I have in my sewing room but I will share those later this week.   All I can say is that I will definitely be in the sewing room a lot this week and that does not make me sad, actually excited in a sick way. 

I have also been cleaning out some of things that no longer get used and it looks like I will be listing some stuff on EBay this week or maybe the next.  I didn’t realize how much old school curriculum we have and it is just taking up valuable shelf space. We won’t even talk about the video equipment that never really got used but someone just HAD to have. Then with the proceeds from all those sales I’m thinking new Janome for me.

Last but not least for some menu inspiration here is what we are eating this week

Monday:  Grilled Chicken with cheese polenta and veggie then some tasty brownies for dessert

Tuesday:  Pork tenderloin, mashed sweet potatoes with a veggie followed by some pumpkin cupcakes for dessert

Wednesday: Spaghetti and fettuccine alfredo and garlic bread with my first attempt at homemade cannoli for dessert.

Thursday:  Pot Roast, mashed potatoes, and a veggie then later will have some peanut butter pie.

Friday:  Steak tips and shrimp scampi with salad and bread, after all that has settled in we can indulge in some chocolate mousse.

Saturday:  I’m off so will be leftovers or drive thru.

Sunday, well that is my shopping day so we usually have something from a box like mac and cheese or store pizza.

I hope you all have a fantastic week and I look forward to reading what you are eating.

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