Menu Monday

It’s that time of week again, menu Monday, but I am very sad today and don’t feel much like planning anything.  I had to give up my kitty because she started using my pillow and bed as a potty.  She wasn’t sick, she did not have a uti, no liter change, everything as normal; she was all healthy according to vet, just didn’t like her liter box all the time.  I will miss her lots and lots.

This week’s menu

Monday: Pot Roast, mashed potatoes, a veggie from freezer followed by brownies for dessert.

Tuesday: Outback Chicken, fried potatoes, frozen corn and a pudding pie for dessert.

Wednesday: Steaks, baked potatoes with a salad followed by some apple crisp for dessert.

Thursday: SuperDad is working late so we are hitting a Japanese Steak house—Super Fun

Friday:  Beef stoup with homemade bread and peanut butter pie for dessert.

Saturday: this will probably be a breakfast for dinner day, I hate cooking on weekends.

Sunday, I’m off.

Enjoy your day.

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