Not so wordless Wednesday

Yes, I have been gone from my blog for about a week now.  I have been busier than usual and I am finding it hard to get it all done.  Not that I dont’ have the time but more that I lack the motivation once I sitdown at my computer. 

We had 2 birthdays over the weekend.  GlamorGirl and SuperDad Share a birthday.  Dad was camera shy but we got a few of GlamorGirl.  I cannot believe she is 14.

As a final note, a friend posted this on one of my favorite places on the web to hang out and I had to share it with you made me giggle.  I cannot wait to use number 7 and number 5, will depend on my moood and the person asking.

10 Things NOT to say when asked, “Isn’t there school today?”

10. Well normally yes, but this time of year I need help with the planting and plowing.

9. Goodness, no!!! I graduated 18 years ago, but thanks for the compliment!

8. No, we homeschool. We’re just out to pick up a bag of pork rinds and some Mountain Dew, then we gotta hurry home to catch our soaps.

7. What?! Where did you guys come from?! Oh my gosh! I thought I told you kids to stay at school! I’m sorry. This happens all the time. (sigh)

6. There isn’t? Why, you’d think we would have seen more kids out then, don’t you?

5. We’re on a field trip studying human nature’s intrusive and assumptive tactics of displaying ignorance and implied superiority. Thanks for the peek!

4. On our planet we have different methods of education. (Shhh! No, I didn’t give it away… keep your antennae down!)

3. Oh my goodness! I thought that today was Saturday…come on kids, hurry!

2. Noooooope.Me ‘n Bubba jes’ learns ’em at home. Werks reel good!

And the number one answer we should NEVER give to the question: “What? No school today?”

1. “What? No Bingo today?”

Have a great Wednesday

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