Missed a day but I’m here

I know, I know there was no menu yesterday. I just don’t know what I want to eat this week, I am not feeling very inspired when it comes to cooking at all. I think I am ready to cook the rest of this week and I will stop at the store on the way home from dropping the kids off at drama. Tomorrow is the big day for GamerGuy; he will get his learners permit. That means I will have 2 driving can you see the grey hair popping up all over the place. We did not do any school work yesterday and today was a short day with just math and language arts. Tomorrow is drama and DMV. I am guessing that the DMV will take about 3 hours; the line the last time was insane. So, who’s hungry? Wednesday: Steak tips, roasted spuds, some frozen veggie, dessert brownies Thursday: Chicken Casserole, salad and bread; dessert pumpkin cupcakes Friday: French dip sanny’s, zucchini chips, and sweet potato fries; dessert I have an urge to make a carrot cake perhaps I will make one tonight. One day over the weekend we are going to have some burgers, I just want a burger. Normally I don’t plan meals over the weekends but a girl wants what a girl wants. I’m doing a lot of sewing and enjoying every second of it, though my fabric habit is getting out of hand and I am running out of rooms that need quilts. Not sure what I will do then, I really enjoy my time when I sew. Besides quilting a birthday quilt, I am working on a fall table set for the kitchen with the leftovers from GamerGuy’s quilt. No pictures today, enjoy the day.

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