A new quilt top

I finished a quilt top today that is going to be a birthday present for a friend of mines sweet little boy who will be 4.  I have been using the blues and greens for the last few baby quilts I have done partly because they were all for boys and partly because I really like the way they go together.  I tossed a bit of orange into this one to break it up a bit. I haven’t decided on the binding yet but want it to stand out as well something bright perhaps like I said not sure but it will come to me. I also started knitting a hat that was intended for BabyG but it’s a wee bit small so it is destined to be a baby hat. Tomorrow I will work a bit on a table runner and maybe some coasters to match.

The girls worked through their normal school work today while the boys and I watched “The Quiet Man” from our Movies as Literature course.  This course has really worked out well for GamerGuy as he hates to read and for BuilderGuy because he is not too fond of the writing.   IEW isn’t working out for the girls at all so we are going to try something a little bit more creative and follow the NaNo Jr. writing program and see what kind of stories we get.  GlamorGirl is pretty insistent that she wants to be a writer/illustrator and is excited about writing her first book. 

I am off to finish dinner, lasagna and garlic bread YUMMMMMMMMMMM

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4 Responses to A new quilt top

  1. This year we are doing Literary Lessons from Lord of the Rings — Movies as Literature is on my list to investigate for next year. Are you enjoying it as well?
    Huge NaNo fans here — this will be my daughters 5th year! I only did one year. That was enough satisfaction for me. 🙂

    • Plumtree says:

      I am liking Movies as Literature but as most programs it has its flaws but we are working around them. This is so far the closest to what I am looking for for my reluctant readers.

      • Thanks! Do you think it would be good for reluctant writers? You mentioned (I think) having discussions instead of writing. I don’t have reluctant readers…wait, yes I do. Reluctant “assigned” readers, that is. Bring a new fantasy series into the house and my dds will disappear for the rest of the day.

      • Plumtree says:

        I do think it’s is great for the reluctan reader and now that we are going on our third movie I can tell they are watching them differently and our discussions are getting better. Not to mention it is kind of fun to have someone to make fun of the movie with lol. Some of the movies on the list aren’t bad but most of them will be a drag. There is a free download or its $5 for one of the units so that you can try it out, we did E.T and with Netflix I dont’ have to buy each title.

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