Fabric and Menu how great!

Ugh, I am feeling very behind.   I have so many quilts dancing in my head that I cannot seem to focus on just one to get done but birthdays are coming and fast.  GlamorGirl and SuperDad will add a year on the 18th of this month then my favorite turtle will turn 4 on the 16th.  My head is spinning with how fast the days go by and how little I accomplish with them.   I keep ordering fabric with the statement “oh, that will make a pretty quilt.”  Then I just look at the fabric and think of all the possibilities but not sure I want to cut it.  Just look at what I got in the mail over the weekend.  Can you see all the amazing pretty things I do?  They will be beautiful I know just look at which one to start with.

Did you notice today was Monday?  I did,  that means its time for the weekly menu.

Here it goes

Monday:  Lasagna with apple cake for dessert

Tuesday:  Pasta salad with sandwiches, brownies for dessert

Wednesday: Hamburgers, French fries with ice cream for dessert

Thursday:  Beef Tip sandwiches and baked potato soup with pumpkin bars for dessert

Friday:  Burritos and ice cream for dessert

There that wasn’t so bad, now for the hard part going to the overcrowded grocery store to get all the fixins.   Enjoy your week, eat well!

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