WIP Taken off list.

I have been trying to knock out a few of my WIP’s these past few weeks.  On the top my list is this scarf that I knitted for BabyG.  She helped pick out the yarn, she says it makes her look totally rave, I am assuming that is a good thing.  I like knitting but it is not as much fun as embroidery.  I cannot believe I like embroidery.  To look at it or watch someone stitch it seems incredibly boring but to actually stitch for myself is surprisingly relaxing.  I am going to print a Celtic knot onto some fabric and practice some of the other stitches I can find on youtube.com 

I have officially started making my Christmas gifts with my machine.  There will be coasters, quilts, table runners, wall hangings and a purse.  I also want to make a quilt and auction it off with the proceeds going to pancreatic cancer research in my aunt’s honor. Then there is the quilt floating around in my head that I want to make for an injured soldier for Christmas; I think this might be a bit more than I should bite off to but feel compelled to give it a try.       

My cupcake thoughts this week are in the chocolate family of course.  Chocolate orange cake topped with orange flavored ganache and gingerbread cake with a pumpkin frosting.  I know what you are thinking, yes I know pumpkin is in a shortage and cans are scarce.  Desperate times call for desperate measures is how the saying goes.  So tomorrow I will cut open, clean and roast a pumpkin.  I have heard conflicting information about whether or not one can use Halloween pumpkins for this undertaking some say yes some say no; I will let you know.

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2 Responses to WIP Taken off list.

  1. The scarf the beautiful! I enjoy embroidery also…haven’t done it in a long time though!

    • Plumtree says:

      I am just learning basice embroidery so that I can make my quilt labels but I really enjoy it which is suprising to me. Thanks so much on the scarf it is my 3rd knitting project.

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