Typical Day

Today there was a question about what our normal day looks like.  I have never even thought about our normal day as being something others would want to read about, I think of them as quite boring.  I guess enquiring minds want to know what they want to know, so here it is. 

Dad gets up at 6am to go to work as a rule I also get up with him so I can have some quiet time before the trolls start moving.  Yes, I call them my trolls, they are, I love them like no other but they are my trolls. I use this time to get the copies made for the day and do some chatting/playing WoW on the computer. 

 I wake the kids at 8am; they get started on morning chores and then come say good morning to me.  I give them 2 hours to get going and get their chores all day before calling school at 10am.  Somehow school just migrated my room, we use to go down to a table but I would inevitably need something from my computer so would have to run upstairs so now we just meet in my room.   We start with math.  We are using Teaching Textbooks this year so I give each one a copy of the day’s assignment and send them to their desks to get them done; they are given 40 minutes for this, if less then they read from their history assigned reading.  The girls get this done usually in about 20 minutes so they move on to Language Arts which last up to lunch.  For us Language Arts consists of vocabulary, spelling, grammar, reading and writing.   Lunch is almost always a fend for yourself type thing but I am always in kitchen supervising the happenings.  Sometimes I will make something like egg salad or wraps but not as rule.  If I have to go to the store for dinner fixins now is the time that I get that done, kids are on a break from school till 1:30.  Most of the time when I go to the store the oldest will come with me, he gets to drive there so there is an incentive.   At 1:30 we meet back in my room from history which last about an hour unless we are watching a movie then it can vary.  Finally, we move on to science which is a lecture followed by experiment of the day and we are done with school for the day.   It is now about 3pm, time for me to get some ME time. Kids usually go outside and ride their bikes for a bit.  If there is cleaning that needs to be done I will get that done now, but cleaning is not one of my top 10 things of importance so I skip this step a lot. What usually happens is that I get to go down and work in my sewing room on a quilt or grab my needle work and sit and watch Ghost Whisperer.  This show is extremely addicting to me for some reason.  I do this till about 4:30 or 5 then I call the kids to the kitchen and we get dinner going.  We prepare dinner as a family and eat as a family.  This serves two purposes in my head, first being I count this as home economics, they will all know how to cook when they leave the nest.  The second purpose is we are doing something together as a family, talking, playing, cooking, just plain old interacting in the kitchen.   This takes us to about 6 or so when they are free to watch TV, read, draw, or computers.  Most often its computers, dad and I play WoW, and kids all have their friends, games and shows.  They also have to do evening chores during this time, which includes a shower for everyone.  Hugs and kisses at 9:30, they must be in their rooms, computers are off, they can watch TV till 10:30 for the girls 11pm for the boys then its lights out. 

On Wednesday’s and Thursday’s we have outside classes that keep us away most of the day so school classes get altered but that sums it up for the most part.  Some days are different and don’t always go to plan but that happens to everyone.

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4 Responses to Typical Day

  1. A WoW family!! 🙂 Actually, we currently no WoW accts…dh & ds are playing D&D Online but I don’t think it will hold their interest for long. We always seem to end up back at WoW.

    I think your day sounds great — especially the preparing dinner together as a family.


  2. Betty Warren says:

    I love your calling them trolls! I often call mine savages. One weekend morning husband and I were stretching and yawning and the house was quiet and we heard the first noises of one getting up and I said, “The savages are stirring…”

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