Menu Monday

What a great day this is starting out to be.  The weather is finally cooling off a bit here in Texas.  I enjoyed the 61 degrees while I rode my bike this morning; it was fantastic.  It’s Monday so that means it’s time for a menu and do laundry.   I have such mixed feelings about Mondays I love that it’s the beginning of a new week, new possibilities, just new.  What I cannot stand is laundry.  With 4 kids it is a never ending task but Monday is the big day where I try to knock the majority of it out.   I have been neglecting my blog its true but I am going to try to be more attentive to it as well as the pictures I want to go in each post.  I have been so busy quilting that I just didn’t fit blogging into my schedule.  Maybe it is time to weed out a few other things and focus more on others; who knows?    What I know is what I am eating this week and here it is

Monday:  Sausage, beans, and fried spuds—brownies

Tuesday: Spaghetti/alfredo, garlic bread, salad—bread pudding

Wednesday:  beef tips, baked spud, steamed veggie

Thursday:  Chili, salad and come corn bread—apple crisp or pie with ice cream

Friday: Burgers and fries with peanut butter pie for dessert.

Saturday and Sunday are always up in the air, sometimes dad cooks sometimes we go out.

Tomorrow we are going to talk about WIP’s and how many is it normal to have.  I have a lot and I am enjoying them way too much I can tell you that.  Wishing everyone a great week.

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