Menu Monday

There was no weekly report last week.  Though we did do school last week; it was only a 3 day week, kids had drama and music as always.  Monday was Labor Day and  my mother arrived via Continental Air on Thursday to spend the weekend here for her birthday.   We had a great weekend and we really didn’t go anywhere or do anything super special.   I won’t bore you with a minute by minute detail but know that we had a great time.  

Today is Monday that  means it is time to plan the menu for the rest of the week or we will be eating drive thru all week and that is just not a happy thought for me.  Here we go:

Monday:  Steaks and baked potato with salad apple crisp for dessert

Tuesday: Grilled Chicken, fried potatoes, frozen veggie and ice cream for dessert

Wednesday: BLT sandwiches with French fries followed by my favorite brownies

Thursday: Roast chicken, real mashed potatoes and corn with bread pudding for dessert

Friday:  It’s been a long week and I am probably eating out tonight but if I end up cooking will be super simple mac and cheese with some hot dogs; brownies for dessert.

Saturday:  Burgers, beans, potato salad

Sunday:  I’m so not cooking today someone else can plan today.

I hope everyone has a great week.  I will be picking up my camera more this week too I hope.  This blog needs more pictures.  The desserts on the menu might change, I have not baked cupcakes in a while and once I get started I might not be able to stop.  With fall coming I know my baking will increase, something about the fall that just makes me want to bake all the time.   

Wishing everyone a great week.

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