Quilt Label

Since I have been doing a lot of quilting I discovered I needed to start labeling my quilts.  They are usually gifts and I would like for them to be able to be remembered for a long time.  I usually use one of those generic “Made by Hand with Love” at the fabric store but I want more than that.   So I started searching around for what others do.  Well guess what?  You can print on fabric.  Did you know that?  I sure didn’t.  What you do is cut a piece of freezer paper to a standard paper size of 8.5×11. Then you want to cut a piece of fabric that you want to print on to the same size.   With the glossy side touching the fabric take your hot iron and press the freezer paper down onto the fabric.  Make sure the glossy side is touching the fabric and not the other way around; you will ruin your iron.  Now, take your fabric and place it in your printer just like it were any other piece of paper and print your image on to it.  This works fantastically except for one thing; the ink is going to fade.  The ink will not last through time like I want.   This realization sent me back to the internet to scouring for ideas.    Then I found another person was tracing what she wanted onto the fabric then embroidering it.  This was perfect except I cannot draw at all, not even a little bit.  Then I it came to me, what if I printed what I wanted on the fabric like before but embroider that, PERFECT!  This is what I have so far.   I think this is how I will be labeling all of my quilts in the future; it will also add another personal touch.

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