Menu Monday

Every weekend I am faced with the question, “What are we going to eat this week?” This question exhausts me, it really does. My kids are all picky eaters which of course completely my fault I know but it is what it is, but it really restricts my cooking. Okay, I cannot blame it on the kids entirely SuperDad and I are both just as picky.  My mom will be flying in to spend her birthday with us so that will be a nice change for the weekend so we will have a special dinner that night.  I think for most of the week I am going to just make some of my favorites and if they don’t like it they can’t have cereal.    While each day has a meal planned I usually go out of order but like to have all the ingredients on hand for each of them. 

Monday: Cheeseburgers out on the grill, homemade french-fries and sweet potato fries, baked beans and a pudding pie or a fruit salad depends on the fruit at the store.

Tuesday:  What I call Out Back chicken with fried rice and salad.  Dessert will be my all time favorite brownies.  I think we have brownies twice a week or more.

Wednesday:  I love breakfast for dinner so eggs, hashbrowns and sausage.  I am not a fan of dessert on breakfast night but maybe some cinnamon rolls. 

Thursday:  Steak, baked potatoes a bag of frozen veggie not sure which yet dessert you guessed it brownies.

Friday: Today is my mom’s birthday, Happy Birthday Mom.  Her favorites are prime rib with baked potatoes and salad followed by my white chocolate pound cake and fresh berries.

Saturday:  Do I really have to cook today?  I don’t think so.

Sunday:  See above.  There are most likely enough leftovers to hold them over till tomorrow.  Plus I have to take mom to airport at dinner. 

As usual breakfast is totally hands on around here meaning you want it you make it.  Lunch I will most likely make for them but sometimes just supervise to make sure they don’t take just a snack and call it good.  They really like wraps these days and we can get many different flavor shells at the store.  Some typical others will be fluffernutters,  pb&j, wraps,  hot dogs, and Raman.    Wishing everyone a happy Labor Day.

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