Fantastic Friday

I am not even sure what we got done this week to be honest.  We moved through our math and language arts without a miss.  Making the switch to Teaching Textbooks really was a smart move for us, expensive yes but so is constantly switching programs.   I am really happy with the way the year has started off for us.  My only complaint is getting all 4 of them to get all of their work done every day.  This is a HUGE problem for BabyG. She just doesn’t want to take the time to do the work but of course wants to play.  It is just like desserts with her, she wants them all but hates eating dinner to get them.  She really is too old to be still having this struggle but she is stubborn like me so the struggle goes on.  GlamourGirl has decided she wants to pursue a writer/illustrator.  She has a great passion for art and I want to encourage her as much as I can.  She now has plans to do what she needs to get into the Houston Art Institute.  Drama is by far the favorite class of the bunch we are currently waiting to see who got what part in The Brothers Grim.  The wait is tearing them up; it is all they have talked about since Wednesday.  BabyG has decided she wants a cucumber garden so she has spent most of yesterday afternoon weeding and preparing a small garden.  While she was weeding and digging she found what has to be the smallest snake I have ever seen.  We now have a new science project, not sure how I feel about this one and I know SuperDad is less than amused I can tell you that.

I have most of next week’s lessons printed out but did realize we have no books to read so will be hitting Barnes and Noble later today to get something.  We are studying colonial times so will reading will be around that time period.  I’m sure I will go to quilt store over weekend and find some new marvelous fabric that I MUST have to put on my shelf of other marvelous fabrics.  I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend of doing nothing but playing WoW with family and friends.   Wishing you all a great weekend.

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9 Responses to Fantastic Friday

  1. Smrt Mama says:

    Were you able to identify what kind of snake it was?

    • Plumtree says:

      Best we can tell is a Texas Brown Snake they live by water pipes–or sprinkler system in this case. Only get about 11 inches long as adults and not a threat other than creeping Dad out.

  2. Daisy says:

    AGHGHGH! Snake? I’d be freaking out.

    Your daughter sounds a lot like my son. Other than reading, he just isn’t that into academic stuff. He’d rather be playing legos and digging in the dirt. :-p

  3. Robyn says:

    I’m with dad! My boys would LOVE the snake though! GL on the play parts! How exciting!

  4. Tonia says:

    Wow! That is a tiny snake – kinda cute, actually. 😉 Have a good weekend!

  5. Karen says:

    Ha, I’m the one who gets creeped out when the kids find snakes in our yard! You should have seen me jump while weeding one day—–I thought the snake was a stick…..

  6. Mandy in TN says:

    I was also going to ask about the type of snake, but I see that you already answered that question!
    My 2nd grader thinks that everything is a negotiation. It is exhausting, but he comes by it naturally. Dh is just like him. Unfortunately, I know that this means he won’t grow out of it!

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