Just Rambling

I have decided that I really enjoy sewing, quilting to be more specific.  Here is the thing, my sewing machine can handle baby quilts and lap quilts but nothing bigger.  My kids want some for their beds so I have commenced with that task but taking them to get long-armed is expensive.  My question to those of you that quilt is how do you do the bigger quilts?  I have decided I need a new machine and will be looking over the next few weeks maybe months.  One of the perks of getting a new machine is I get some sewing lessons.  I can quilt okay but to sew clothes well that is a joke.  I really should have listened to my grams when she said someday I would enjoy sewing.  She knew me so well even when I was little she knew.   

I have decided I am going to be making Christmas gifts this year either by sewing or baking but almost everything will be handmade by me.   I want to make a quilted purse too.  I am currently looking for a guide and fabric for that endeavor; something in the fall or jewel colors would be fun.  Coasters are another item I can make for gifts; perhaps some table runners and placemats.  Not sure what else but I know it gives me a reason to go to the fabric stores and spend way too much time.  I should be picking up Boo’s quilt top this week or next.  I am so excited to see it done minus binding which I am not excited about doing; my hand sewing is not so great. 

My project this week to finish is a birthday present for a snappy young man fixin to turn 2 in a few weeks.   Here it is so far, I got the tutorial from http://crazymomquilts.blogspot.com/ , it is called stacked coins.


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