It’s Monday!!

Are you ready for the week?  I barely am but it’s here no matter if I am ready or not.  I am happy to report that we had a quiet, uneventful weekend.  Friday I finished a baby quilt that I have been working on; I really enjoy the colors of this one.  I asked the mom-to-be what colors she would like because she is not going to find out boy/girl till the little peanut arrives, she chose blue and green.  I really love the bright colors that are out right now.

I also have our menu planned for this week which means no last minute drive-thru dinners.  I really do not like menu planning but if I don’t I swear we eat drive-thru that whole week.  Will be making a new cupcake this week too, a snickers chocolate cuppy.  I will of course post pictures of the finished product.  The kids want to take some to drama and guitar classes this week so will be deep to my elbows with cupcakes I think.

Menu Plan

Monday:  Chicken casserole with a salad.  Gamerguy chose root beer floats for dessert.

Tuesday:  French dip sandwiches and fries with snickers cupcakes for dessert.

Wednesday: Fettuccine alfredo and spaghetti with garlic bread and salad followed by an apple crisp.

Thursday: Fried trout with potato pancakes and corn fritters.  I’m not sure if this qualifies as healthy because its fish but everything is fried.  Dessert will be angel food cake with fresh berries and cream.

Friday: Steaks out on the grill with baked spud and salad; my favorite dessert brownies.

Saturday and Sunday will be simple leftovers if there are any.  I’m sure one of the nights we will go out and breakfast for dinner is always a possibility on a weekend.

And as always breakfast and lunch are pretty much on the fly of what we have in house. 

School is going well for all 4 of the kids.  We are on our 4th week and really have no major complaints from anyone other than it’s too much work; welcome to the world of high school and junior high.  This is what happens when you wish to grow up; you do and with it the responsibility.

Enjoy your week!!

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2 Responses to It’s Monday!!

  1. meggiepoo says:

    How do you make your chicken casserole?

    • Super simple, my kids only eat white meat so that is all I use but either dark or white can be used.
      2-3 Chicken breast cooked and cut up
      1 bag of frozen mixed veggies
      2 cans of cream of something soup
      1 cup of sour cream
      Pkg. of your favorite pasta noodle I like rigatoni but any will do
      Can of biscuts
      handful of shredded cheese
      handful of diced cooked bacon
      squirt of ranch dressing, about 1/4 cup or so

      I like to put the frozen veggies on a cookie sheet and roast them in oven for about 15 min or until most moisture is gone. Cook and drain the pasta. Mix it all together, put the biscuts on top add a cracker crumb topping and in the oven it goes for 30 minutes or untill the biscuts are done all the way through. Dinner is done.

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