Menu Monday

Its Monday, do you know what that means?  Weekly menu planning, yippee, feel the excitement.  I really don’t have much shopping to do this week because I went to Sam’s last week and stocked up on some meats.  I will have to get a few things but not many.  I only include dinners and desserts.  Lunches here are leftovers, wraps, soup, or varying sandwiches with a Little Debbie  and bag of chips off to the side.  Breakfast here is pretty generic too, fresh fruit, insta oatmeal, toast or anything else they can make for themselves. 

Monday:  Pot roast, mashed spud/gravy, veggie, with salad and bread.  Dessert will be my all time favorite brownies.

Tuesday: Chicken on the grill, fried sweet potatoes, corn, bread.  Dessert will be pumpkin pie.  I have been totally craving this.  Fall is almost here.

Wednesday: Beef tips in gravy severed over cheesy polenta with salad.  Dessert will be snicker doodle cupcakes with vanilla bean frosting. 

Thursday: Flounder stuffed with crab, baked spud, and a salad.  Dessert will be a simple pudding pie with graham cracker crust.

Friday: I will be tired but now so probably eating out.  If I am not that lucky this will be pancakes, eggs and hashbrowns.  There is no dessert on breakfast nights.  

Glad that is done.  Now I can go to the grocery store get what I need and I am ready for the rest of the week.  If only the rest of my week looked that organized and planned. 

I managed to get Dylan’s quilt top sewn together but will be putting some borders on it, I am not happy with the size and I don’t have the fabric to make more blocks.  It still looks fantastic and he is excited to have it done.  I am trying to decide if I should take it to be quilted or brave quilting 2 queen size quilts with my little Singer.  I haven’t started Brandon’s yet, but the top is done so that is something.  I have 4 other baby quilts I will be working on too. 

I will let you know Friday how school went but so far so good.  Kids are finding their groove and that I mean business about turning in work.   Things are going smoothly and I cannot complain.  I hope your week is starting just as smoothly.

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