Back to school!!!

What did I get done this week?  It feels like a good week and that we got a lot accomplished.  Kids started school work this week which is always tough.  Still dreaming of things we could be doing on our computers or outside.  It hasn’t been that bad and I know next week will be better with everyone refocused. They have been off for 2 months and the first week is more getting them back into a routine.  I will have more to report on school over the next few weeks as our daily routine with all the extras start rolling along.

I spent a lot of my free time this week trying to finish up Gamer Guy’s quilt top which is just about done, he is looking forward to it.  I will be making a few more baby quilts I found out this week.  I think something might be in the water that will be 4 friends that are expecting.  I know the first one will be a 4 patch and the second a Stacked Coins but not sure the third one yet.  I am excited to make each one.  

The best thing about this week is my carpet.  I love my brand new carpet.  I love everything about it.  I know it was put in last week but I was just too tired to take pictures of it and share.  Now the walls look hideous and must be changed.  Let the color hunt begin.

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